Cover for Cursed Magic featuring a woman in a red cloak holding daggers.

Cursed Magic (Woodland Curses Book 2)

She feels the future…

Rowan never forgot the night the village burned, or the monster that took her mother from her. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and Rowan has spent a long time preparing it. Yet, when evil visits the village again, she finds herself running right into the arms of the very creature she swore to destroy. 

… He fears the past

Bleddyn can’t remember the night that took his life away from him. Pain and blood are his only recollections. Marked and cursed, he lives his life in exile, a lone wolf in the forest. That is, until the fiery Rowan comes crashing into his life. But how can he help her on her hunt when he’s the prey?

New Expected Release: Summer 2023

Content Warnings

Adult language

Sexual situations


Death of a grandparent