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So, my blogging has been abhorrently lacking lately. Don’t worry though, I haven’t been slacking too-too much. Courting is still slated for release this summer, even if it kills me.

The problem I found though, as I was preparing for my NaNo group’s editing event today, is that my manuscript is… how shall I say it? Woefully disorganized. It currently lives in at least three different files, in various states of completion. The scenes are all jumbled round to the point where putting them in order is vaguely akin to doing a jigsaw puzzle. We’re supposed to bring our first 10,000 words to the event. I’m bringing my best guess at what my first 10,000 words are supposed to be.

This is okay though. Sure, the revision process that I’m currently starting (yeah, yeah, I know it’s the end of February, I should be finishing the first pass, not starting it) is going to be hell on Earth. That’s okay. Everything will be alright. In fact, the book will probably end up that much better for it, because I’m having to seriously re-evaluate and consider every chunk of text that I wrote (mainly because I have no freaking clue where each one is supposed to go). This forces me to re-examine my plot-line, my pacing, and how each of these scenes advances my goals. Should be fun, right?

And so, dear readers, I promise that Courting will be done by its summer release (actual date still pending). Hopefully by the end of next month I’ll be able to say definitively when that date will be. In the meantime, here’s a draft of the cover!

The Cover for Courting the Dragon


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