Regarding Kindle Unlimited

After much debate, I have decided to pull Bared Magic from the Kindle Unlimited program. I will not be enrolling Cursed Magic in KU upon its release later this year.

It wasn’t as easy decision, or one that was made quickly. All my other books are already, and have always been, widely available. Offering Bared Magic through KU was an experiment; I always intended to revisit my participation in the program. Recent events have simply given me the push to get off the fence.

Bared Magic is available wide as of today, February 19th. If you are in a Kobo Plus market such as Canada or Australia, all my books will be available to you through that program. 

If you would like to support the authors who are remaining in KU and rely on it for their livelihoods, please consider signing this petition and let Amazon know we are watching them and we don’t appreciate their policies or behavior.

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